One-to-one Pilates sessions, also known as private Pilates sessions, offer personalised and focused instruction tailored to an individual’s specific needs and goals. There are several benefits to opting for one-to-one Pilates sessions compared to group classes:

  1. Customised Approach: Private Pilates sessions allow the instructor to design a workout program that is specifically tailored to your body, fitness level, and goals. The exercises and routines can be adjusted to address your unique strengths, weaknesses, and any specific concerns or limitations you may have.

  2. Individualised Feedback: In a one-to-one setting, the instructor can provide immediate and precise feedback on your form and technique. This helps ensure that you’re performing the exercises correctly and effectively, reducing the risk of injury and maximizing the benefits.

  3. Faster Progression: With personalised attention and instruction, you may experience quicker progress in terms of strength, flexibility, and overall Pilates proficiency. The tailored approach allows you to focus on areas that require more attention and challenge.

  4. Targeted Goals: Whether your goal is to rehabilitate an injury, improve core strength, enhance flexibility, or work on specific Pilates principles, private sessions can be designed to target your specific objectives.

  5. Injury Rehabilitation: Private Pilates sessions are an excellent option for individuals recovering from injuries. The instructor can design a program that supports your recovery process, taking into account your medical history and physical condition.

  6. Flexibility and Scheduling: Private sessions often offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling. You can coordinate sessions at times that are convenient for you.

  7. Confidence Building: Individual attention can boost your confidence as you develop a solid foundation and proper technique. This can make transitioning to group classes or practicing Pilates on your own more comfortable and enjoyable.

  8. Accountability: The regular appointments  can enhance your sense of accountability and commitment to your Pilates practice.

  9. Privacy: If you prefer a more private and focused environment, one-to-one Pilates sessions provide a space where you can work on your fitness goals without the presence of a larger group.

  10. Variety and Progression: Private sessions can include a diverse range of exercises and Pilates equipment, ensuring that your workouts remain engaging and challenging over time.

  11. Adapting to Life Changes: Private sessions can adapt to changes in your life, such as pregnancy or postpartum recovery, where exercises need to be modified or tailored to your changing body.

  12. Learning Pilates Principles: Private sessions offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the fundamental principles of Pilates and build a strong foundation before joining group classes.


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